Champions to carry myself to Gold?

So to begin with a little about myself. I started playing in July of Season 2 and started ranked at beginning of Season 3. All seasons I was placed into Bronze but ended them all In Silver 4-5. I absolutely can't play top, haven't played mid in a while, a year ago mained ADC, can be a decent support and for the most of the 5 years I mained jungle which I currently main too. Whole season 7 I was in Silver V duot to lack of time. When Kayn was released I instantly fell in love with the champion and I carried myself with him up to Silver I promos to Gold. First promo game started the current 12 loss streak (last record was in Season 3, 10 losses in a row) and now I'm sitting at Silver II 0 LP, I demote after 1 loss at 0 LP for some reason I do not know (used to be 2-4 losses in Season 4). I would continue to go Kayn only but he is banned like 50% of the games and I fail to achieve the performance I got with him in like the first 20 of games (currently 102 games 65% win rate Kayn, mainly Rhaast form). So here I am asking for advices on champions that can easily carry me to Gold but any kind of advice is welcomed too. Thanks in advance, GL & HF! PS I enjoy Sejuani and Maokai too but last game I felt like I had no impact as Maokai :(
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