buff teemo rito pls :(

Title. I'm sure most of you played Teemo as one of their first champions while levelling up, and I also did. He is a really fun and easy to play champion and he is almost perfect for begginers. I think he may be one of the most fun to play champions. Even so, he just feels lackluster. He is too squishy to be viable and if you fall behind you are most likely going to be useless. He either gets unstoppable if ahead or just feeds ridiculously hard and gets reported 9x. Hell, he is even considered a troll pick nowadays. I like Teemo. He is a champion with an unique kit and potential. I just hate that i can't play him and have fun because everyone stomps him and he immediately dies on ganks (as he is most likely going to be babysitted by the enemy jungler because he is so easy to kill) Does Teemo even deserve a buff or anything or am I just playing him the wrong way? Any advice?
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