Riven Changes

I feel that Riven should be changed, she has a jump, a stun, a shield and a dash. I don't think she should get all of those. If she was changed like increased cooldown on W. Lower or remove shield on E. Then she would have to play more passive and safe and take riskier all ins. Right now she is too easy to just button mash. Although I agree with people that she does have a skill level. Her ability to be button mashed and still be effective means something has to be changed in her kit. Also she is the most one tricked champ in the game. That needs to change. I think people like Boxbox or other high level Riven mains should be the types of people who can master Riven and its a disservice to them to see people who one trick Riven and just literally smash their face into the keyboard to win a fight. She needs to be easier to gank and also she needs a higher risk for trading, going all in compared to now where the reward is high but the risk is low. I want to see many different builds, I want people not to have to rush CDR like no tomorrow. What if her Q knock up was in a frontal cone rather than around. It would mean you'd have to position yourself perfectly to knock people up rather than just mash Q. If you W took 3 more seconds to be off cooldown, it would create better cooldown windows for other champs. Imagine if your E shield was either removed or lowered and scaled slightly with HP to force them to build more health based items rather than Ghostblade, DD etc. This way the people who are actually really good at playing Riven will still be good but it will remove those Riven one tricks who just play Riven because they just button mash. If you see my changes you can also see that this is a huge nerf. So I believe she should get a bit more power in other areas. Like increase her base HP or something like that just to give her a bit of toughness from removing, lowering shield. Also anyone who has better insight or knowledge into this can also comment on what nerfs/changes to Riven would mean that her skill level is really high but the button mashing is removed.
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