Dear riot,please nerf-balance that tryndamere already. :)

dear riot,i want to talk about tryndamere :),i cant see this champ anymore i tho he is overpowered and very easy to control this power i can give some ideas to balance him :) 1)you can nerf a bit his passive because you can buy one infinity and you can go up to 50% critical and you can be super powerful early game with one item. 2)'W' his slow is AOE and its huge and also decrease your damage its no necessary, you can balance his 'W' a bit. 3) and last his 6 level you cant die for 5 sec,11 and 16 can make his ultimate be,at level 1 you cant die for 3 seconds,at level 2 you cant die for 4 seconds and at max ranked you cant die for 5 seconds...i gave you some ideas that i tho will be good to balance him because is a bit overpower and very easy to play...thank you very much,and please at least if you don't want to hear my opinions do something about him. if you think that i'm wrong please let me know,and thanks :){{champion:23}} {{champion:23}}
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