Why is poppy in this state

[The damage graph](http://i.imgur.com/4rWeukk.jpg) So I played flex from my friends account who is bronze something in solo. I'm platinum on my main and I played Draven top for fun. I have max 10 games with draven since I got him and I won lane very easily against the bronze poppy. I had 4-2 in 8 minutes with 70-80 cs while she had 0-4 and 25 cs. I got camped by the jungler as usual thats why I had 2 deaths. So I break her turret, I push to second turret I have around 140 cs while she has 40 or 50 I dont remember. She is at 1-5 and has sunfire? I dont remember. I had around 6 kills and 200 farm at 23 minutes. She lost so hard, she was 2 levels under me, she had 150+ cs difference and had only 1 item by 20 minutes and yet look at her final score. She became tanky as fuck and dealt damage at the same time. Why is this allowed? If she had darius, trynda, gnar or whatever other champion and she had 1-5 and 50 cs at 20 she would be useless. A champion that lost 2 turrets, had 1 kill 5 deaths and 50 cs while her enemy had 6 kills 200 cs and the turret gold + draven passive gold, managed to outscale him. What the actual fuck. She isnt the reason we lost but still this is unbelievable. We lost because my team is bronze and fed the enemy ekko and hecarim and I had draven top. I couldnt survive the heca ulti + e and ekko going ham on me. I'm not crying about the lose, I'm crying about how poppy went from completely useless to unkillable. I didnt wanna waste an item slot to get whisper for her since she wasnt a big problem for me but still my team got dominated by her. Dont tell me that I suck for losing against a bronze poppy because first I had Draven top, second I was playing 2 vs 1 lane and still got kills,Third I broke all the turrets in the game because my team just stayed in mid fighting for no reason against the fed Ekko and Hecarim and fourth I was an ADC without team against 5 CC monsters. Even with QSS they were coming 4 vs 1 against me and my team was always dead. It's not my fault just saying. And the thread is about poppy.
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