So, I've Discovered I Can't Play Against Trynda Or Yas.

Maybe it's because they tilt me like crazy, but they seem to have a tonne of survivability on top of extreme amounts of damage. I mean, they're supposed to be squishy carries right? Yet Yasuo has a shield that pops up every few seconds and Trynda becomes immortal for 5, in which time you have very little you can actually do outside of CC him to hell and hope he doesn't reach you. THAT, added with Phantom Dancer's passive, just makes fighting with them, at least for me, an exercise it futility. Unless they mess up hard, they will just curb stomp you into the ground. Maybe it's beacause I'm awful at the game, maybe it's because I'm playing Kled. Whatever the reason, I can not stand these champs.

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