Reconsider Autofill (atleast for ranked)

Hi, Autofill was introduced if im correct, to reduce Q times. Q times right now, atleast from my experience, are around 2 minutes. Heres my point: Its about every game that someone is gettin autofilled into a role he rarely plays. This player is usually put into a big disadvantage and cannot really compete against others who are mainly on that lane and play the lanechamps way more often than the autofilled player. Since we all know, that people who are doin bad in lane/jungle, or dont really know what their job is, are often getting flamed and such. This even creates more negativity than there already is. For me right now... if i get autofilled, i ask for a swap to my main/2nd role, if no one wants to swap i actually dodge the Q. I dont want to be the guy who ruins other peoples games or puts them into a big disadvantage, just because i dont want to lose the 3 LP. Rather i take the loss, dont ruin games, maybe dont even get flamed or ruin other peoples mood or something and just dodge! So, my question is... Should Riot maybe take another look at Q times and maybe disable autofill (atleast for ranked Qs) for X amount of time to analyze how long Q times without autofill actually are now? Another method to consider: Cant we actually make autofill for ranked atleast optional? Just in case there are really people out there who want to get autofilled into different roles. What are your thoughts summoners? KR, AUT
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