TFT Ranked Rewards

I hope players who only played TFT ranked can also obtain Summoner Rift rewards Even a border for normal games . I just don't want things to seperate as i stated in an earlier post that they are both from the same company right ??? So Don't separate them at all . Actually keep them together which is more encouraging to play the game on either of the modes . Like spending time on TFT more than SR should not impact the player rank when they play normal games etc . A player of good understanding to the game should be a high elo . I also hope there will be honor system for TFT to allow players get a chance to earn keys and extra rewards . Also a mastery options for each origin or class that has been played to show that players are fully experienced to play with brawlers for an example . If the game is set to be launched soon on mobile then i hope that there will be an option to use the same account from LoL as i don't want a seperate account on mobile . Also i'm hoping in the near future that the game will implement skins from my collection as i want like to put some mecha skins on khazix regnar etc with my chromas . It will make me enjoy the mode even more <3 .
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