mordekaiser ult into yorick annie ivern illoi and more.

so i like playing yorick alot even if he is not in such a great state now but anyway. in a mordekaiser vs yorick matchup when i go into soul realm my maiden and ghouls are canceled. same happends with annie or ivern pets or illaoi tentacles. so exactly how is that fair to all of these champions? they cant press their ults or they will be outplayed in an instand so how exaclty do you go for the kill with these champs on mordekaiser? yorick's 80% of dmg depends on ghouls and maiden plays so if he cancels them,then what am i left with to trade vs him? if im ahead and i ult to kill he ults to cancel it. if he is ahead well does it even matter if i ult or not.
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