Stupid Design Conventions (or how we know designers are men)

Yes, this is a matter of Male vs Female character and is not linked solely to this game. And frankly, I am annoyed with it. Here goes. Designing female champion: - visible face it is allowed to be imaginative with upper part of her face but mouth and chin must be visible examples: {{champion:127}} and {{champion:89}} , {{champion:114}} in their Project skins. exceptions (but not really): {{champion:84}} and {{champion:10}} , HOWEVER, they both have skins with their faces revealed (lets see that happen to Shen) - sex bomb body and face of a pornstar examples: {{champion:43}} - old splash art and model made her look way too....... normal (normal sized breasts and full body dress instead of tight leather spandex) so her rework made her fit pornstar profile appearance of {{champion:222}} who first broke that rule (to a point) filled forums with talk of her small boobs (oh the controversy) at the end Riot recognized that all female champions look the same so they loosened that rule into next one - must not be ugly she does not necessarily need to be a beauty, but ugliness is out of the question examples: {{champion:78}} - her old face just did not cut for everyone so she is made - cute - must not be old no, no, women must be young and peachy or at least look that way wrinkled skin is a big no - eccentric yes, dumb - never guess Riot is afraid of feminist invasion if they make a female champion that is, well, dumb {{champion:222}} is of Joker level dumb so no Designing male champion: - practically anything goes ugly, fat, old, {{champion:6}} ... whatever pops into your head it is good crazy, stupid, lunatic... just do it - only controversy in designing a male champion is when you make him look and sound - normal Lets take a look at champion pool. There are 43 female champions. Lets exclude those that don't fit the profile: {{champion:34}} and {{champion:421}} . And we are left with 41 obvious female champions. Lets count other champions. 87. Lets exclude non humanoids (yordles stay included but not{{champion:105}} ) and humanoid monsters (that are considered male for most part). 47 male champions (take note that this number is subjective as some champions I don't know where to put, like {{champion:82}} or {{champion:75}} etc.). So, I'll take these 47 champions and count those whose face is completely uncovered (any skin). 31 (counted {{champion:62}} ). And now if I take these 47 male champions and exclude those who you can look at and don't ask "what the hell is wrong with this guy?" I fear list will be small. Like {{champion:11}} ... what the hell is he wearing? {{champion:112}} , {{champion:62}} , {{champion:27}} , {{champion:14}} ... bunch of what the hells. {{champion:35}} , {{champion:36}} ...... dear god! In other words, Riot, little equality here? Maybe it is just me but it feels like you're designing female champs with much more care then male ones.
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