Why aren't all Champions available as BOTS in Practice Tool and Custom Games?

Greetings everyone, I'm here to talk about something that always intrigued me : the limited choice of** BOTS Champions** in **Practice Tool **and **Custom Games**. As of today, here are the Champions that you can choose from in those Game Modes : {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} I'd like to add that {{champion:102}} BOT, in Custom Games, seems to** break **at one point in the game ( not sure what triggers her to not work properly anymore ) and will **cease** to move and attack. Once slained, she will simply stay in base until the game** ends**. ( perhaps she had enough of our scilly 2v5 and decided to AFK everytime. ) I don't really understand why you can't pick from the entire Champion Pool in those game modes, since in **Coop vs AI**, at Intermediate level, you can encounter, for instance, a {{champion:157}} BOT. ( which isn't available in the list you have in Practice Tool and Custom Game ) Even though it's just BOTS, and BOTS **won't** teach you everything since they are _overly aggresive_ ( they love diving you, no matter how much HP you have ), I think that it'd be a good thing to be able to train against ANY Champion. It would also be fun in Custom Games, being able to create the ennemy team of your liking and mess around with them. While it's something that **isn't necessary **for the game, it's a feature I'd like to see. However, if it can't be implemented, I wouldn't get upset about it : it's just BOTS in **2 game modes**, one that allows you to quickly try a Champion, see their stats, try new builds and admire skins, and the other one exists to mess around and have fun. ---------------------------- I don't think anyone has made a thread about that, and if it has already been done, I apologize. It is just an issue I'm really curious about and I haven't heard anything about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread, hope you have a good day! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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