Which champions are most common among trolls, inters, etc...?

Over the course of my experiences in Bronze, I have encountered many trolls such as autofilled supports who always moan and refuse to do their lane and then the obvious trolls. I've been noticing that many players use the same champions for trolling, maybe because of their kit or just the overall champion. So far, the most common champions that trolls use in my perspective are Nunu(Ususally they steal jungle/minion farms and spam Laugh, rush into lane to throw a snowball and then run into the enemy tower while dancing in it), Fiddlesticks(A third of fiddle players I meet always int, there was once an enemy fiddle and he went 0/40 by constantly trying to kill Drake Red/Blue), ChoGath(Usually they buy Gargoyle, 4 warmogs and cinderhulk and then they roam the jungle spamming "Roar" in the chat before invading the enemy base and trying to kill someone while entering their spawn) What champions do you commonly see being used by trolls?

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