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Hello, I'm a Silver 2 (at this moment) Jhin player. I love playing Jhin, I love his art, I love his design, everything. The problem is, I lose most of my games because in the late game I always get outscaled by pretty much everyone because of the lack of attack speed. Early game, I can control, or even win the lane, but as the game goes on, I get weaker and weaker. Here is my I go with AD reds, armor yellows, MR blues, AD quints and I pick Thunderlord's Decree. I also tried Warlord's, but I feel I do more damage and I can control my lane better with Thunderlord's. The sustain from Warlord is fine, yes, but I do very poor damage. So, I'd really appreciate if you guys would give me some advice. I really want to keep playing Jhin and main it, but I feel like I can't climb or win games with him. Thank you!
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