The most retarded players I've played with

First things first, this isn't a rage post about elo hell (it doesn't exist). Anyway, in my last game, I met the worst teammates I've probably ever had (top and mid). To begin with, not only did they lose their lanes and died roughly 5-8 times in laning phase, they constantly spam pinged me, the jungler, for help. After that, when their jungler/mid laner and top laner are pushing mid or something, they go in 1v3 one by one only to die quite often too. Worst part is, our top laner is pushing top at around 30 mins or so into the game and dies in their jungle to their mid laner and says "fk u pls ss mid". And no, he wasn't trolling, I'm just baffled that players of such calibre are out of bronze. fml
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