5 premades vs randoms is FAIR

Riot matchmaking is just disgusting, today I had 3 games where the enemy team was made of 5 premades, while mine had none or 2/3 premades. I am sick and tired of launching normal games to have fun, and end up being forced to play against 5 people who are on communication making LCS plays, with 5 people diving bot at 6 min. You litterally cant do anything, they can shit on your team and you can do nothing because no communication with your team mates, when the other can just make all the plays they want, invade your jungler with 3 people and kill him every time he is doing his buff. This is not fun to play against and the outcome is only a 15 min FF and a WASTE OF TIME. I mean does even the 5 enemy premades have fun playing like this, because I wouldnt like it, if my game feel like a bot game. Fix your damn match making, I am pretty sure a lot of people play with 5 premades, just match them together so it can be fair, Idk why the hell 2 premades + 2 premades + 1 random are matched vs 5 premades this is just non sens. Can't even dodge because you dont know until the game start and you see their clan tag. This hasnt happened one or two times, literraly it happens every day for me at least one game. This is how it is to play only normal games you get hard punished for it.
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