I played Teemo and had fun.

SUE ME! -------------- 1. Put pink in bush 2. Put Shroom in bush and maybe some around it 3. Stealth in bush (so you can even dodge some things due to new passive) 4. Wait 5. ... 6. Profit. Thing is... with sweepers and pinkwards, it actually gets really interesting. And you can't just go into any bush either, as most of the time your Team will get beat 5v4. So you have to find a bush where you know an enemy (carry) will pass soon, but yet can not be seen while getting there, while also needing to pick one that won't get sweeped/pinked. Now... first 2 conditions sound easy for Dragon, but Pinks and Sweepers get used a lot when the enemies work their way towards it. And they'll most of the time be 5, which sucks too. v.v But all in all, Teemo seems like a quite high skillcap assassin. (Or you just plant shrooms everywhere and play like a Marksman in teamfights -> be just annoying but c'mon, that's boring!)
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