improve your gameplay by 300% today

easy 4 seemingly %%%%%%ed strats to get to gold without any skill or effort 1 league is like a good rpg dont look at ur lp. At the point where you forget that you are playing a game thats where you play best 2 use mindgames to make ur team think that your impact is very small but ur a smart player so they will tryhard while you relax with ur 500iq, you can even pretend to not care about the game at all . just for you to get my point i will use the extreme example of you giving away 1 kill to the enemy team at the start in a stupid situation (it actually can trigger your team to believe that they have to make up for you as a player) (do not try this at home tho) A mild version of this would be: - to wait 6 seconds when your junglers buff spawns before you help him or something like this - staying at the fountain at game start just to walk to ur camp with the first creeps (if they ping you with the enemy missing ping ur work is done) - whining in champ select how you are on a lose streak even tho its not true or whatever - as a jungler dont even consider a _SEMI FORCED GANK_ because it will confuse ur laner( even more in low elo) (it is a paradox that most players will cry for ur help but at the same time perform 200%better if you do not babysit them) - cry in chat that you picked the wrong runes and blame riot for it (even tho u got the best runes ever (silver people dont know the difference anyway 3head)) 3 do not trust your team to the point where you trade ur life for a potential kill that requires the help of a teammember 4 give ur team moral boosts which means getting every drake herald and turret that is free even if you could get more gold by just farming in fact you are not the player of a video game but the babysitter trying to boost ur teams mental in fact dont try it with logic - you miss 10 cs for typing "i love you all" or "oh no they are so good" or "i dont know what to do" thats worth 100cs no scam btw your jungler is butthurt and you play some shield friend???? run across half the map to randomly shield that guy " we got this my dude" simply said convince your team that they are more than a cheap tool to farm ur FREE LP <<<< WOW SO FREE{{item:3400}} {{item:3400}} {{item:3400}} these are super secret techniques which require you to have a iq as high as mine (around 750minimum){{summoner:13}}
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