Vayne is the reason that other adc's are uselsse

Its insane how broken this champion is vayne make the other adc's uselsse.. a adc that is full build with a single bork and pd.. when wil riot fucking understand that her silver bolts are insanly broken, even in lane, you take 3 hits ? gg stay awey and look how the , (my laning is weak) vayne farm,you get close ? you 100% die. people cry , my range is so low :( :( :( my range , riot dont nerf my my range :( :( i only have a broken op tumble,a knock back , perma stun to the wall,true damage, and the best ulti a adc can wish for =( nothing more :( what does the other adc's have ? nothing! late game hahahahaha,when you face late game with vayne the game is probly over . you see her in a team fight then you dont see your team mates again.. silver bolts from the dark.
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