The State of Jarvan IV

Lately i´ve been playing J4 for fun monstly in norms and he has some big flaws imo as a jungler so I was wondering what Riot wants from this champion. In the jungle he has a very bad clear and gets very low with some horrible mana issues. He is a great ganker but unlike gragas, elise or reksai, he gets low to the point where he has to back most of the time instead of keeping the clear or early ganking. You can early gank for sure but other champs will have the oportunity to clear relatively fast and still pull of some ganks. In the midlane he is kind of a cheesy pick that gets outscaled by most of the meta midlane champs that have huge aoe damage and poke and siege potential without needing to all in the enemy team. Sure he is great at roaming thanks to his kit, thats something positive but getting heavy outscaled isnt very fun honestly. As a toplaner he isnt bad since he provides the team some aoe damage, intiation, armor shred and good flanks. The toplane meta champions do well against him but he can farm with tiamat and his q and e from range. He can pull of some good roams or set up perfect ganks toplane with his jungler but that doesnt mean he does good against most meta champs since he is more about teamplay. The conclusion now is that he is a t3 or t2 toplane champion that you can play for fun but will allways remind you that you coulded do better picking something else. I know a buff to the attack speed on his E is coming on pbe but that cant solve his jungle clear issues. Right now he can be built full ad, bruiser or tank. Full ad + a tank item or bruiser is the best since he needs to do damage to be effective in my experience. As a tank you better pick something more relyable and impactful like Zac, Sejuani, Malphite or Amumu. Sejuani and Zac are better teamfight tank junglers since they dont get that low and their cc or is a big lockdown or is a great disruption. Building full ad or full ad with some tankiness seems to be the best way since you are able to delete carry champs and the aoe from cataclysm makes you a big threat since you can destroy the backline and if you died they have to flash the terrain or keep them traped for your team to finish them. This last seems the most efective way imo since zoning the backline from the rest makes it very easy for your team to burst the frontline with no punishment and move on to the traped backline that is low on health or dead thanks to you. I really want this champ to be stronger because he is incredibly fun but an attack speed buff on his E does not seem the way to do it since now he is more of a bursty dive champion with relatively good teamplay. And its hard to not get hyped whenever I see APX Ray pick J4 in NA lcs ;)
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