When these champs recieve a rework the game will be at a much better place

- Vayne - Yasuo - Master Yi Its just unhealthy how these champs can be overpowered later stage of the game. Master Yi can be dealt with actualy, but it wont be easy, one missed CC and he can potentialy clear your team in mere seconds. The same goes for Yasuo, Vayne on the other hand is just unbearable. A good vayne is so unhealthy for this game. God I hate this Vayne champ soo sooo much. Why is she always picked now when not banned? Why is she now top lane as well? Please Rito, get rid of this kit. Why is a ADC able to 1v1 anyone in late game? I understand they deal the most dmg, but if they're caught alone, then surely assasins and some bruisers should be able to deal with them. Stop giving ADC so much utility. NERF or rework Vayne already. I can wait for Yasuo and Master Yi, but Vayne needs to be dealt with now.

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