What about Karthus? (Patch 6.9) - 48.97% winrate

I know that Ryze will get a tweak later on in the season. But why did Riot (and I hope a Rioter reads this) not change Karthus at all? He isn't being picked often and it feels like part of the reason is his kit which is kind of outdated. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Would be nice to see him more often and I hoped they would tweak him in the 6.9 patch. It feels like I'm seing Yorick more often than Karthus. Which is actually true if you check LoLKing or OP.GG, he is the least popular champ after Urgot and Yorick. Last popular player that really played him often and which I remember was Phantomlord and that was ages ago. Anyways have a nice day :)
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