revert quinn rework

hello guys it hapends 2 years ago that riot has reworked all marksman champions but 1 of them should be reverted for too many reasons and i will tell you why . first of all quinn got big nerfs on her cds skills but he got some buffs on ultimate but ulti is still uselles on 1vs1 she also got some buffs on w but if you realize from the rework the buffs did nothing to help her and i will tell how they dont help her . since i started playing her i realize that in any lane i go it was xtrimaly bad if enemys escape your q and stay def on early game and about lethality build if they just buy an armor item like ninja tabi your dmg will be destroyed and imagine enemys adc take lethality guess who will eat one shot then? probably quinn will get one shoted also quinn jungle dosnt need this ultimate i have see so much players with quinn jungler and they start ganking as quinn with out valor and get feed but lose the game what you realize right her? ultimate is totally uselles and doing nothing on 1vs1 your cd skills are destroyed enemys can destroy you easy if they buy armor with lethality your q dosnt miss any more and dosnt crit because you got no valor any more so what was the point of the rework? to make quinn worst adc on league? tell me please i will really be happy to hear your voice on coments just telling that because with new quinn i got too many problems on gameplay and is not even fun to play any more because we got no valor any more also one last things is about teamfights your being totally 0 on teamfights and enemys can destroy you in about 1 sec or lower. so what you think guys? quinn should get a revert right? i mean who guy dosnt love to play with old valor was so fun to assasinate even if you got no lethality imagine old quinn with lethality and q crit from valor just imagine there are so many reasons to get old quinn back and not just got this stupid ultimate who is totally uselles also who cares about w buff anyway i will buy botrk bersegers graves who are buffed from 25% atack speed from season 5 to 35 atack speed panthon dancer or static pshiv and esential botrk for counter tanks and botrk is doing more dmg to focused enemys like mage and adc and you will one shot them for sure if you jump to them on theyre face but now on teamfights you cant even kill the adc .i hope you guys want to get old quinn and sometime riot will revert the rework . i will really be happy to play old quinn again.
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