This most be a joke or something..first lvl 31 i get 4 shards of 90 BE each, well shit can happen but then again lvl 32 i get 3x 90 BE and one of 200 or something like that and guess what AGAIN ... LVL 33 a total of 400-500 BE Update (EDIT): lvl 34 now... my reward 2 master yi = 90 BE each... +1 urgot = 630 (BEST ONE UNTIL NOW) still only a total of not even 800 BE.. i understand RIOT wants money, but im not going to buy Rp to lvl up faster to get low lvl shards and i wont be buying any champs with Rp.. i play since season 3 and this is the first time this EVER happen and for what i understand im not the only one before update i would already made over 4k ip.. now not even 1k BE sorry for english
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