Hey Guys hey Rito So let me say the good things first. The Dynamic Q interface and all looks rly amazing and is very cool. But thats about it. Now some rly bad things: Dynamic Q rating means absolutely nothing. It just doesnt reflect your own elo/skill like soloQ did. Dynamic Q is like soloQ in a defenetly not soloQ skin. I understand if u would bring soloQ back, nobody would play DQ anymore. And another problem is, that when u queue up as 4 ppl in DQ u will never find a 5th guy, because noone is gonna play DQ alone if soloQ is out again. So i can live with that that soloQ wont come back. BUT.... Why did u remove teamranked? I had a team we just reached diamond in season 5. We cant play anymore because our skilllevel is out of the range. So that means we can just play normals. That completely ruined League for us. It was the best expierience to rank up as a team and play as a team together. And you rito just took that away from us with absolutely no reason. You took the whole competitive aspect of the game and throw it away. A lot of my teammembers allready quit the game and said they gonna play some other games then. And me myself i also think about quitting. Idk man. What did u think will happen when u did that. U said u want that ppl play this game together, u said that when DQ was coming out. But u did exact the opposite. Well Rip league of legends Greetz Beschgi
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