No King Rules Forever...

Riot's "House of Cards" Empire is finally beginning to fall, starting with the e-sports ban in china, which is music to my ears and I applaud the Chinese Government for taking this action. Riot's buisness practices have been shady at best over the last couple of years; (See * Actively lying to players - (see; * Sexually Harassing their own Employees and giving out a "TWO MONTH SUSPENSION" for FARTING in other employees faces. If this was any other job, that CEO would be fired immediately. (See.. * Making massive changes to their game to suit an Asian market while ignoring western players demands for damage to come down (See; * Violating European Legislation on selling gambling by selling and promoting to children (a vast majority of this game) and violating individual European freedoms as defined by the European Court of Human Rights. * Accusations of sexist abuse of woman - League is no longer the most played game in the world and I believe that this is the beginning of Riot's fall. I am aware of Riot's shady buisness practices, banning accounts for the slightest thing but not restricting smurfs so they can make money off the sales of skins repeatedly. Its about time Riot began its fall from grace and I'm glad to see it happening. As I've said before, Riot is where all the rejects that weren't good enough for Blizzard go. Hopefully more countries will step in and take action against these exploitative business practices. You would have thought Riot would have learnt something from Umbrella XD **Parents, if you are reading this, keep your kids away from League. Its a toxic game and will teach your kids awful habits and make them very rude. Riot only care about money and not about the well-being of your children. ** **Players, as decent people? Would YOU support a company that behaves in this way?**
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