I came back to league after being absent for a year (new runes rant)

I used to play league since season 2 so, i quit league a year ago and adapted overwatch, but lately, ive missed playing league so i decided to go back. I am now reminded on why i quit the game to begin with. essentially i have no problem with the new runes, its a good change, but why THE %%%!!!!! do we need to pay 6300 IP for rune pages? is riot this desperate for money? I remember playing thousends of hours and spending 50k ip for runes and playing countless hours to prepare 5 rune pages. now you remove masteries and implement the new runes system, which is essentially just new masteries, and you expect me to again play countless hours just to have my 20 masteries pages that i used to have? this is disgraceful, honestly. you already have the cancer loot box system from overwatch , and over 200 champions that need to be unlocked with rp or ip and skins. why you gotta be annoying as %%% and not let us have at least 10 run pages?
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