Time to remake Morgana

with the amount of rushes, counter stun and other means of transporting yourself)for example kalista got jump, Lucian got rush, ez to teleport etc) to avoid the stun and their rushes being on such short cd I think it is time to remake Morgana to fit with the way the game is today, she feels outdated as she got one 7 second stun and an aoe than everyones grandmother can step out from and the black shield that with the dot and damage boots thats done nowadays is basically meaningless. oh yeah, and never forget that even with root, some champs like xin etc can actually move even when rooted, for some obscure reason, maybe cause RIOT wanted to introduce a new stun and thus weakened root to the point that if you ulti or flash or any such thing then you can get out of the root while you can NOT for example flash when in mid air from Yasou thing, which kind of makes me wonder. either way, remake Morgana please to fit with todays gaming, remove the aoe and give her something more suitable cause the combo of root/aoe just aint working anymore with the amount of escapes the new champions haves. maybe a flat damage aoe like Lux or longer range so she does not have to worry about the melee (btw Morgana does have the shortest range of all ranged champions) so yeah, remake would be good, perhaps shorted then cd on the stun to match the amount of cd the flash, rush etc that people have
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