Kalista Rework

Hi, i'm MilkOnMars, was kalista otp from the release of kalista until 6 months ago (was top 23 eu and 126 world on kali), when i literally stop playing her cause she wasn't anymore able to compete with the meta, (just next to the nerf on range). So everyday i'm scouting the news from PBE for news or reworks on Kali... almost crying everyday... She is my favorite champ to play and unfortunately even if i'm good with her, i'm almost not able to carry in soloq anymore... So was thinking since I saw other pro adc's having my same issues (since in champio.gg her w/r under gold is 46% and above plat 48%), was trying to figure out how can we improve this champ. Balancing Kali, was always an issue almost for Riot, so the thing is to probably change her role from the carry that carries a bonded team, from an ADC that can Carry on a solid performance... and how can we improve her solo q/ outplay potential? Here's my idea. (obviously if u don't like it try to understand it, instead of judging without being constructive) mod1- Decrease the dmg on Big monsters (drag, nash and crabs) around a 20% less on E dmg... mod2- Eliminate the Black Spear and the Ghost Sentinel from her kit, force at the beginning of the game to start with W and make it as W works like Taric W, with an ally target needed to be selected to make W passive and R work... mod3- Add more AD scaling on Q and the chance to Crit with Q dmg, giving the chance to choose between 2 builds... 1-ATTKspeed+Sustain or 2-FullCrit+ATTKdmg mod4- give a little more movement speed based on the level of the AttkSpeed or simply add a passive similar to yasuo on crit, but on AttkSpeed. I think Kali needs versatility since from the release was a champ that was used only in 1 single way with 1 single build, even if the actual meta promotes to use different builds for the same champs. This was only an idea, if you think Kali is good now, i would suggest you to go and play only her for 3 days straight, and you will notice that this mods would not made her OP, but simply made her a champ that can be played in the meta and in solo q without struggling on every move. Thanks Hope to discus in harmony with you guys.
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