Champion Ball Race [MODE]

This is a custom mode played on Summoners Rift 4v4 or 5v5. _My other custom mode are the tankwars:_ . . . **-------- GAMEPLAY --------** Before the Champion Select we choose a player in each team to be the ball. At the start of the game everyone buys items they want and the race begins. Balls stay on the fountains, while the other 6-8 players run across the map to the enemy ball. The balls cooperate with their enemies, to be put at the enemy fountain to die there. Getting a successfull kill, gives a team 1 point. The team with more points after 20 minutes, wins the race. Each team can attack only the ball. There are no extra penalties for killing the ball before reaching the fountain. The team just has to start over. Balls can only use stationary skills and cannot move on their own. . . . **-------- Advices --------** . . . **Players** . . . The Players should have some cc skills which can move the ball around the map quickly. Good strategy is to teleport to midlane tower, flash over base walls and avoid minion waves. Avoiding minions is especially important, when the Ball enters the enemy base, to prevent her from dying. Champion Pool: {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:106}} Recommended Summoner Spells: {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:12}} Recommended Stats: Cooldown Reduction, Mana Regeneration, No Damage {{item:3301}} . . . **Balls** . . . The Balls should have some healing. Recommended Champions for Balls: {{champion:122}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:8}} Recommended Summoner Spells: {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:21}} Recommended Stats: Sustain {{item:1054}} {{item:2033}} {{item:1033}} . . . Add me in game if like such custom games.
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