Riven, just broken or...

I am wondering... am I the only one who thinks Riven her kit is more broken then her sword is? I've felt like this ever since I first saw her, I wonder if anyone would like to share their opinion on Riven. When I haven't banned her and she gets picked I instantly {{item:3070}} because I know there is no other champion I've hated this much for this long. A fed riven literally looks like someone rolling his face over the keyboard to collect his next triple or penta because nobody can move out of the way once the first cc hits (you die before you know). Meanwhile if you DO catch her she can escape with ease due to one of the weirdest combinations in league of legends history... a shield on a dash that doesn't require anything but simply casting it. (unlike Lee Sin W and Azir E) The main skill I think about when/if she gets reworked is actually her W. It should be less easy then the current just stun everything around you without delay. The other part is her most hated E, although that would probably be the end of Riven all together and I wouldn't want it to be such a nerf (remember urgot his nerfs before the rework) Please share your opinions/ideas on a possible Riven rework/rebalance and why it should or should not be happening. I'm not expecting it to happen or to get a whole lot of people to agree, but I do want to discuss it.
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