Should RIOT introduce Hextech Protobelt-01 !!! (quick answer is no)

It is simple and self explanatory... I think that this item will bring **SO many balancing problems** to champions of every kind: Hyper mobile champions will become unbearable and unfunny to play against ({{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:7}} ) and immobile champions will have to get balanced based on the fact that they will buy this item (looking at you {{champion:1}} ). Just look at the meta right now: Champions that shouldn't be _tanky_ buy items that make them so, while also doing what they should do, and so they don't have exploitable weaknesses because their weakness should be that they are **NOT **_tanky_. Repace _tanky_ with _mobile_ and you get Hextech Protobelt-01!! In an ideal world items should be there to strengthen a champion's strengths and not to totally solve their intended problems, Tanks should buy tank items, AP damage dealers should buy AP etc. Otherwise **it doesn't make sense when looking at champion design!!!!**... Mobile champions are designed to have enough tools to do their job and immobile champions **should** be...well...immobile. Riot tries to give strengths and weaknesses to champions: The simplest example is the trade-off between high damage and/or cc vs low range and low mobility. Lets look at Annie for example: she has a high damage aoe stun but no mobility and low range to use it easily; that makes her balanced because she relies heavily on careful positioning, punishing mistakes and a **300** sec cd spell(and yes I am aware of {{item:1333}} ). The same concept of trade-off also applies to juggernauts(low range and mobility vs high survivability and damage{{champion:75}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:122}} ) which are considered balanced. Another problem with the item is the universal usefulness of the stats that makes it really desirable and not a niche pick only for those that have great synergy with it(every champion has synergy with mobility, cdr and health--->OP). Last time I checked and there was an item with really useful stats + a strong active that made **everyone **buy it RIOT removed it (btw it was DFG for anyone that didn't get it). The same problem happened with {{item:3157}}and{{item:3285}} having 120 AP. Even if you didn't **need** the active/passive you would buy them due to the stats and use them, or if you couldn't buy them you were off-meta.
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