List of unbalance issues and bugs

- Aram - - little legends in aram don't interact good when a player use emotes sometimes the little legends just don't react or respond etc. - TFT - - Cannoneer is super broken in all cases like the range is so powerful on some champs like vayne / nidalee / tristana etc . They always being placed in the corner and the only way to move them is by using a blitz . It is sad because blademasters or assassins can't jump sometimes to the backline if a player wanted to aim those broken champs . Even pyke can't stun vayne 1 vs 1 when she is in the corner as i saw it he cast in his place and lose which is quite unfair and sad . Maybe make it a bit lower for its range . - Phantom dancer counter crits . Like it is fine if it counter Assassins by removing the cirts but divine item ( Yellow crit item ) getting countered so easily it makes the game in a -1 situation when it comes to champions numbers on the arena unless if a player connect cannoneer which is broken atm as i stated in the first note . This is also brings unhealthy gameplay as its super luck to happen . Like if someone is lucky enough to obtain at least those items together Divine + Cannoneer + infinite edge nothing can stop it . Even thornmail is useless against that . Tests happened and just 1 vayne with those 3 items can melt the game . I was lucky and i had 87% the rest of the match until i won . In my opinion phantom dancer should counter crits but allow normal hits . Like if a champ going to deal a crit it gets converted by phantom dancer into a normal hit. This way the item won't have huge impact on the game . As i saw people placing 3 phantom dancers in 1 match just to counter assassins and this result into assassins out of the game super early . - Spatula is amazing but the rate drop for it is too low to drop from monsters or in the circle of choosing . which is sad . it should be fair just like the other items because people right now spam running for attack speed / bf swords / armors / hp . Magic resist item or tear feels worthless in most cases . Like whenever i want to build attack speed or bf sword on my chams or even wanna tank up my garen so i find only tear and magic resist just because i won the early game which is not fair . Like this is a chess game right ? People would focus on winning with less casualties so saving my hp and winning early should be important for the late . Not being against me and making me lose the late game !!
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