I cannot convince my team to focus objectives?

I'm always the person that begs the team to focus objectives, sometimes we get a really good situation where 3 enemies are dead for example, 1 enemy is at toplane and infernal drake is up. But I can't seem to get my team convinced to get the drake, some say 'its not important get turret / kill instead' As a Support velkoz main, i cannot solo dragons/baron or anything. I try to steal when the enemy is getting it, but it's often dangerous since I barely get help from my team. It does work sometimes though with my ult. I feel like I could win a lot more games if I could convince my jungler/other teammates to focus objectives more. Often when I keep asking my jungler and he shows 0 interest in objectives and all he says "shutup/muted" How can I make them focus more on this? Btw going jungle myself is not an option, I am really bad at it. Supp is my thing
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