In sad case when your captain did not ban Tryndamere- what top should you pick?

Back in the day playing against Tryndamere had a simple philosophy behind it- harass him till he is forced to consume his rage for healing. After a heal he strips himself from crit chance and loses some of his bonus AD- you can go on him and win a trade as long as you keep the cooldown of his ultimate in mind and play around a sneaky all-in In The Cursed Era of Warlords Bloodlust, Tryndamere can keep his rage bar up and still have sustain from crits. And as he builds up, this is only getting worse. Laning against him becomes a nightmare as it is nearly impossible to get favorable trades, and the mental burden of the responsibility of not feeding this guy takes its toll. Traditional anti-Tryndamere picks {{champion:80}} and{{champion:54}} nowadays suffer horrible mana issues, what gives Tryndamere even stronger positon in the current meta. I have no idea what to pick. Fellow top mains heed my call, and bestow your light upon me.
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