Discussion on potential changes to Shen

Aight, so with the release of the Pulsefire skin for Shen, i played some Shen to just immerse myself in the skin and all that just for fun, I know that Conqueror users are dominating the toplane right now, but Shen hasn't been touched in a while. He had a small little peek into the support role for a bit, then dropped out, sobbed and went back to try toplane again, but he still doesn't exactly fit in well there either, last time he was good, he was insane, his Q damage was way too much. I was thinking, what if the AP ratio on his Q was changed to an AD ratio. Shen is very much focused around being tanky, with a titanic hydra or something, just on the side. Surely just having that little bit of an AD ratio, instead of an AP ratio on his Q (or perhaps even both) would just give him, a little bit more use into his Q. Of course i do realise that this would encourage the use of Conqueror on Shen, but then i feel like Conqueror kinda needs a slight drop in the amount of AD you get from it anyway. I'm not really a Shen player myself, but i do enjoy playing him whenever i pick him up, even though he feels outclassed a lot, besides the map pressure his R provides...Outside of that, he doesn't really do anything, He feels like what Galio was directly after the major rework, just a tank with a map pressure ultimate, who is there for the taunt and stuff, with not much individually to back it up. Any other suggestions? :)

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