What makes Yasuo simply foreign in this game, and what might be a suitable solution.

Despite having clear strengths... * 100% Critical Hit Chance obtained rather quickly (Usually within the first 15\20 minutes thanks to the {{item:3087}} \ {{item:3046}} + {{item:1018}} combo. * Extremely mobile whenever nearby a wave of minions (Basically, the whole lane phase). * Yasuo with {{item:3022}} is borderline terrorism but I feel like the blame goes on the item itself, see how Gnar forced a nerf on the item. * The windwall is disgustingly unfair. * The shield passive gives him a great advantage against melee laners. * Unmatched slot efficiency (Two items, 100% Critical Hit Chance, while other champions require 4 for that). ...And clear weaknesses... * His base MR doesn't scale, leaving him with a fixed 30 value, which leaves him vulnerable to magic damage unless he gets some bonus MR. * Without minions nearby, he has no mobility at all (Beside dashing into enemy champions). * The windwall is disgusting but has a fair CD early on (If i'm not wrong, it's 24 seconds at W's rank 1). * The shield passive doesn't work that good against conscious ranged laners that autoattack him whenever the shield is up, and wait before trading. * Top lane is full of counters to him (See {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:58}} and a few more...) ...Yasuo at the moment is **seen** as atrociously unfair (See ban ratio and general hate), mostly for the cheap 100% Critical Hit Chance passive. Personally, I believe that the issue is not having 100% Critical Hit Chance by itself, it's how he **reaches that 100% Critical Hit Chance goal**. I believe that while having 100% Critical Hit Chance past a certain amount of time is fine, reaching it so early creates a situation where most champions simply cannot deal with the damage output during the early phase of the game. **It feels like Yasuo on himself is foreign from the rest of the game for how soon he starts to deal so many critical hits** (60% Critical Hit Chance after a single item in 10 minutes is far worse than 100% Critical Hit Chance after two items at 20 minutes, in my opinion). **What can resolve this issue, in my opinion?** Yasuo needs his passive related to critical hits removed, and replaced with an item that works in similar fashion to Viktor's {{item:3200}} : An item that **cannot be sold** and grants Yasuo from 1% to 50% Critical Hit Chance along with X up to X Attack Damage as he gains levels. This gives Yasuo a different curve of scaling along with a way to contain his currently inevitable and often unfair power spike, **while also going hand in hand with his late game powerhouse fantasy: Reaching full potential at level 18**. * Thanks to this, they might as well remove the 10%\25% lower Critical Hit Damage from his passive. * Yasuo is no longer able to gain 100% Critical Hit Chance with the {{item:3087}} \ {{item:3046}} + {{item:1018}} combo. * Yasuo won't be as tanky as he's used to be now, because he has only 2 slots available (3 for 100% Critical Hit Chance and 1 for boots are already filled). * Yasuo now actually needs to use 3 slots to gain his 100% Critical Hit Chance power spike and needs level 18 to reach that potential, meaning that even when hard snowballing, he won't reach that 100% Critical Hit Chance at 15 minutes. Which is just gross. * Yasuo's road for 100% Critical Hit Chance now is: {{item:3087}} \ {{item:3046}} (30%) + {{item:1018}} (20%) + Level 18 (1% at level 1, 50% at level 18) = 51% if at level 1 with both Critical Hit items, 100% if at level 18. * While the idea comes from Viktor's unique item, I do not think that it requires to pay more gold and\or evolve the item. It's there and it upgrades as Yasuo gains levels. While now Yasuo gains bonus Critical Hit Chance for free, with this item he has to wait for levels to reach that 100% Critical Hit Chance dream. To make things more clear, Yasuo's new and forced item gives X% Critical Hit Chance and X AD, where X scales up along with Yasuo's level. It's meant to be very low at the beginning of the game, and once he's level 18, he will have 100% Critical Hit Chance and X bonus AD. TL;DR: Yasuo needs an item that works like Viktor's {{item:3200}}: Forcing him to use 3 slots to reach 100% Critical Hit Chance, along with limiting his build freedom and lowering the amount of tank items he's able to buy after getting his two Critical Hit items. Perhaps, this would also allow Riot to remove that 10\25% lower Critical Hit Damage from his passive. These are just few cents about a player that really likes Yasuo, and is relatively concerned about his current status. I believe that lowering Yasuo's freedom in his built path by forcing an item in his build will most likely limit the situation where Yasuo is build 99.99% of the time as a tank, and pushes him in **the identical situation in which Ekko was a month or two ago**. A champion that **wasn't meant to be tanky**, and **yet is running around Summoner's Rift with 4000HP and still crushing squishies and duelling tanks as if it's nothing**. Yasuo wasn't born as a tank, but at the moment he's played as such. Regardless of applying this solution or not, Riot needs to fix the problem without destroying Yasuo's initial dream: A **squishy** champion that becomes stronger and stronger as the battle extends in time, dashing around and throwing people in the air before finishing them off with his unique ultimate.
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