This game is made for people who accept failure 20 times per day and have no problem with it

I dont even know what to say. here's the pic it speaks for itself. i lost because not a single person from my team agreed to take baron and we lost cause the enemy team did. i've stopped being toxic for a long time .i even deleted my previous account bcs i hated my behavior but today tops it . i can 100% guarantee that this game is made for stupid people like me or the one who can accept failure every day which is stupidity itself. i dont mean to disrespect anyone but just listen. in real life, if u make an awesome presentation and get 0 out of 10 bcs some idiot made a very bad presentation in your team, how would u feel about it? how you would u feel about accepting it every day? how would u feel about not getting the same amount of salary per month bcs some douche made a mistake in the office and u got punished bcs of it. you like it? if u do, you are sir simply stupid. im sorry but i have to quit the game for some time. this isnt a team game. i hate failure, i hate failure more than anything. even though i perform good i still lose. i dont see myself getting rewarded at all. maybe this game isnt for me . i achieved my goal. i got to gold division which is where i belong, not more not less. i just have to delete the game or never play ranked anymore cause losing, when u are actually winning is just UNBEARABLE for me . idk about u guys. if someone knows how to deal with this teach me. all this people telling me to carry your own game and dont rely on someone else. yeah go F yourself. i did my best but still lost. cant do anything else as a supp. h P.S if you are wondering what i said in the picture here it is. idiots always lose, remember that.yeah and i meant it. including myself <3 :)
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