I Want Old ARAM Back

I have played nearly 6k ARAM games, maining this map basically since it was brought to game. I have given up on SR, I no longer play TT, only Howling Abyss. Among many things ARAM addicts like me enjoy most, one reasons stand out - every game is fresh and different, you get to play most crazy champions filling most crazy roles imaginable. ADC Nami, bruiser Taric, crit Mundo, full tank Veigar,... sometimes you had to deal with terrible teamcomps (full support, full bruiser) and off-meta champions (old Evelynn, old Yorick, any version of Mordekaiser). Even if you had the trashest champions imaginable, there was always a chance your enemies will get something worse. With now about a year old update things changed drastically. I am talking about roll bench or how the hell is it called. Before it was introduced, if someone rolled strong pick it would be lost for good. That is why people talked more in chat, offering champions to others, introducing their target builds and roles, offering strategies, but this is gone. Everyone keeps brainlessly rolling because they have nothing to loose, you can always take that Bard you just rolled, you can alway pick that Lissandra your teammate didnt want. The result is teams are lot more stacked than ever before, more cc, poke or simple tankiness, depending on your choice, makes certain picks doomed from start, resulting in less interesting games, less unconventional builds, but way more stress on those unlucky souls who wanted to play something less common. "Quality of life changes" killed the purpose old ARAM back. they killed fun, joy and constant need for flexibility. I want old ARAM back.

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