Whats going on at Riot? (Akali Rework)

So i just saw the Akali rework, and my first thought after seeing that gameplay was: "This champ will be extremly frustrating and unfun to play against, her kit seems overloaded and has way to much mobility" It only took me a few seconds to figure out that CertainlyT was the one who designed the rework. Now why exactly is Riot letting the guy, which made numerous overloaded and "hard to balance" champs, do another rework. I already have to ban Zoe almost everygame and there are enough champions in League which can be a real pain in the ass. So far i haven't played league in the past few days, but after seeing that rework i guess im gonna stay away from the game a while once it hits live servers. I would really like to know how other people see this, and yes i believe akali will be fun to play or feel like an "unique" champion but at what cost?
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