i need advise on how to win vs yasuo

i know what you think this noob is going to rant about yasuo being op and stuff but no i just wanted help cus no mather how hard i try or how manny champs i try i cant ever seem to beat a yasuo i know he must have a flaw or els riot wudn't have released him but i realy cant find it i will list some i have heard and i hope you have some advise on how to win > weak early: .... i find that not true due to his pasive shield and his wall and his build in escape (yes i know he can only dash too enamy minions or champs but in lane thats Always going to be there) > squishy: again he is an assasin he will not be verry tanky but due to his wall and his shield he can ignore loads of damage and if he has half a brain his wall is just a 4 sec kyle ult for the whole team > hard to play: shure you cant just pick him up and mow donwn the team you need some practise but that doen't help me fight a lvl 7 yasuo .... > look at his counters : well jax is good riven shure ... to bad they are at top and i have the most trubble with a yasuo if im adc so i nead to be able to kill him or shut him down after he is already fed > gank him camp his lane: yes i had sucses with this but even when yasuo is 0-6-0 he does have that 100 procant crit and 40 procent lifesteal and it isn't hard for him to still 100-0 anny squshy if he is fed then he will 100-0 the tank i know i might be overreacting but i genualy think this champ had no flaws if he is behind he can Always fight if he is fed he will 1v5 eazy i just want to know how do you stop him if you focus him he will kill 3 of your 5 guys and you are at a 2v4 > the only thing i found that helps is to stunlock him and play to rito he dies before he can press Q and gett all his health back i hope you guys know what to do im at the point whre i just play draft and ban him or leave champ select that cant be what leage is about
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