Riot please add a reverse spacebar

I've been playing league of legends for a long time now. and I've always been told that playin with unlocked camera is the right way to do it. and I've tried many times to adapt. but eventually I decided it's just too confusing for me and I couldn't get myself into it. and league of legends is a game. and don't wanna feel forced to play in a certain way I don't like. especially that my awareness isn't as bad as people might think seeing as im a locked camera player, and thats because I left click on the minimap a lot. which was improved recently with the camera moving right ad you click instead of having to hold the left click down. but I feel the amount of locked camera players is too high for riot to ignore their need for a reverse spacebar button (unlocking camera when you press spacebar and having it locked back when you take your finger off it) I recently made a vote thread about how people play. and about 30% said they either having full locked. or lock it for the majority of the game. Please riot. make this happen. we really need it as it will greatly help with our awareness.
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