Incoming changes for Janna (TL:DR)

Hey everyone, The upcoming changes to Janna's kit are an nerf in the early to mid game and a buff to the late game. With a lot of base stat nerfs you probably want to look into investing Resolve rather than Cunning Option 1: Option 2: Skill Order: If you want further explanation about why these, you can ask them down below in here. The Q change has its range increased and its travel time reduced. This means you can more reliably throw your Q in without having to worry about distance charge time. Passive will always be up now regardless of the fact if you have W on cooldown + Movement contributes to our basic attack damage now. E will have higher CD on shields, but will be same as before when at rank 5. R has no changes. Expect a change of pace with Janna, make plays early game rather than be a shield spammer. Be an engager. Peace, (Super positive about the changes)
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