NEW HP BAR Stopped me from playing league!!!

Hello everybody, So 20 days as I think Riot Games runs their new HP Bar to league of legends and It really sucks to me as runes, but I started to think " I'll get used to it" "I need sometime" and this happend to runes prefectly, I accpeted runes and thinks it's 1000000% better than the old ones. But the problem here is the HP Bar, the update of it really sucks , sucks , sucks, 1 Made the game not clear for me anymore! and those animations are so bad 2. Made the game looks like mobile game! The new HP Bar update made me stop playing like daily to a game in a week or smt like that! RIOT PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS AGAIN OR AT LEAST MADE AN OPTION TO REVET THE OLD HP BAR <: cuz it's not important really!
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