Playing Support For Autofilled ADC's

I play jungle and support and recently I've been putting support as my main role. To my disdain 80% of the players that I am paired with in the bottom lane are actually just autofilled players from other roles. This actually means that I'm playing with people that have no idea how to play the role. This creates a horrible experience where you have little power in your own role in what is essentially a 1v2, and you have to pray that the rest of your team isn't autofilled aswell by some miracle, or better yet duoing with entire tiers apart so there isn't a random gold 4 in your mid plat game. Riot are always finding problems with enough support players, especially in solo queue. They are always trying to find new and innovative suggestions and solutions for this problem, from giving supports extra rewards such as IP (back in the day), to promised lower queue times, to guaranteed roles in their next games, to "fill" essentially being "support v2." But the solution that I've come up with, is to make the two carry roles, mid and ADC have 0% tolerance autofill rate, this would solve so many issues. Thank you for reading. TL;DR don't autofill ADC role if you want more supports .
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