If you are an AD assassin main you need to support this!!!

* 1. Hey guys, being p3 last season, I think my game knowledge is pretty high to believe certain things. I saw a thread recently that said that duskblade is getting nerfed. In my opinion, and I'll prove you why this is a really stupid idea. You could say duskblade is overpowered, and maybe you are right but AD assassins are in a really shit situation now, and duskblade is the only thing that keeps them still alive. I'll prove you why duskblade shouldn't be nerfed: If you go on op.gg and search for stats, you will realise something. Only 2 champions that use duskblade have above a 51% win rate. Im not joking, it's only shaco and mf. Shaco has a 51.6% winrate which is fairly balanced in my opinion (52 to 48% would be an amazing range of winrates in league and everybody would be extremely happy with it) And even if you thing that mf is overpowered, the only thing that should be nerfed in my opinion would be her game changing ultimate but that's for another discussion, and secondly shaco that has an 51.5% win rate, which i believe he is not op at all, especially in high elo. Also in general above 50% there are only 30 champions, Wukong which is not overpowered at all and in my opinion even needs a buff due to really bad early game clears in the JG, and as I mentioned earlier the 2 champions before. So riot wants to nerf an item that its abusers suck at the moment and thats pretty stupid in my opinion. Ok so here comes the fun part. You wanna learn how many champs that abuse duskblade have lower than 50% win rate? 11!!! (Khazix, due to his high nerfs, Riven due to tank top laners, Zed due to high skill cap and no reliability late game, Kayn due to bad early game ganking, nocturne due to bad early game as well, pantheon due to minion changes, Jayce due to nerfs, talon due to overall item nerfs, Khazix due to snowbally bad early, Jhin, and rengar due to unreliable clear). And the only thing keeping those champions alive is duskblade, if you nerf it, they are DEAD! Please like this thread to make this go to riot.
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