I think cho'gath needs a nerf

Hello guys! So for the last few weeks I've been playing top a bit more. I've been matched up against cho'Gath alot, and it seems almost impossible to counter him. I've played as vlad, wukong, garen etc. Ofcourse i'm not a pro playing and it might also be lack of skill when it comes to winning lane but against cho it's just too hard. First of all, his sustain is WAY too high. It's build in, passive, and superhigh. healing 20HP+ for every creep killed, makes poking already nearly useless. When trying to trade with him, he silences you, knocks you up, AND slows.. those are 3 types of CC is 2 skills that do a very nice amount of damage. So when it comes to trading, it's very hard. and even if you win the trade, he'll just heal everything back without using any mana. Also, his ultimate. It's true damage, which is always very strong (considered OP by some). At max rank it deals a ton of damage. And even worse is that it gives him easy health if he eats a minion. Okay, it goes on cooldown when eating a minion, but the cooldown is a very short one anyway. what i suggest is: - Make the slow on rupture (Q) shorter, and decay over time (i suggest .75 sec, it's already a knockup anyways) - Make Vorpal Spikes (E) cost mana. It's possible to turn it off so it makes sence. The passive also gives mana, so there won't be a lack of mana if the skills are used right. - Passive: Nerf to half the amount of HP at lower levels. At lvl 1 it's already 20HP, which is really high. I'd even say it should be 5 at level one and go up later, after the laning phase. i'd do it as [5+ 3,5x cho'ghat's level]. This gives him a bit less at max rank, so it's mostly a nerf for laning phase. [tl;dr] Cho wins lane if he just lasthits minions good enough(and doesn't get camped, ofcourse). he sould get a nerf in my opinion.
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