I'm finding it very difficult to play around kha'zix - need help.

Hi, i just came back from a break a week ago and i generally am a support main. I like playing APC supports, and some more traditional supports. My mains are nami, lux and morgana. First time i encountered kha'zix after the break i was absolutely shocked. a 4/1 khazix jumped on me from invisibility and practically erased 1200~ hp in 0.8 seconds in level 9. I get that 4/1 is pretty fed, but come on. as nami i truely have no escape from him because landing my bubble while he's invisible is not possible as lux, i can sometimes get away from him, but if he leaps/flashes over my cc i'm pretty much toast. Lets not even get started if he jumps from behind walls, there i have no chance of escape. Taste their fear usually deals around 1050 damage at that level and void spike does the rest.. 0.8 seconds and i'm dead. no reaction time. If i flash he just flashes/leaps and there is simply no escape from him. Now i get that i'm playing with a squishy champion and he's an assassin and he's meant to destroy champions like mine, but this it utter ridiculous. There is simply no outplay to this champion! invisible/oneshot/invisible how do you compete with that? I don't remember this was happening before i went on a break.
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