Alright Neck beards .. keep wasting Thousands of Hours in something that eventually will %%%% youoff

you idiots are hilarious . defending a Game and a company that Riggs their ranked system to keep idiots like you Dreaming that they can be the Next Faker . Imagine spending years of your Life in a Toxic enviourment where Everyone Moans and yells '' REPORT (x)'' After they spend 40 Minutes trapped in a game only to Lose it . while Riot makes New skins and shitty updates to keep you idiots sleeping Like the sheep that you are . i was not suprised to see the replies . it played out exactly like i though . A vile company whit Billions of Dollars And a game that is slowly But surely filling up whit Symbolism . and you the players Constantly Trapped . 20 - 40 - 30 - 50 Minutes after the other clicking ' play ' again . and again . While riot is making millions off of you %%%%%%s buying skins and the E-sport Scene . While No one that gets reported is banned and If one person Trolls . the entire team gets punished and the People and World Move on . to a new age of Satanism And subtle luciferianism . you keep wasting your lives sleeping infront of a pixel filled screen . playing your Life away . Excuse me while i quit this game that took 4 years from my life and threw them like they were Nothing . and MOVE ON whit my Life . to do Bigger / better / more rewarding things . Keep dreaming of becoming ''Challenger'' there are Already Hunreds of challengers out there . you are really not that %%%%ing Special . and the Chance of you Becoming the Next ''Faker or Bjergsen '' is about 5 % . RIOT will eventually move on to make another game and league is going to Die . While all of you say BYE to your hardstuck DIAMOND 3 accounts . as the thousands of Hours in your Life fade away into Nothingness . Grow the %%%% up and stop wasting your time like i did . and to Riot games . congratualtions . you Have managed to mass a following of Braindead Zombies that worship Ingame skins And drool over Every season like its the %%%%ing second Coming of Christ . and Know that i see your Blatant maisonic Symbolism and i know where its all going . eventually you will all Die . and boom . my billions are Gone . i already know the ''ok boomer '' comments are coming and blah blah blah . i've heard enought already . and NO this is not a troll . i am 100% %%%%ing serious . %%%% you Riot . %%%% your game . and i will actively expose all your plans bit by bit . .. wait for me .
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