Riot's process of thought.

How I imagine a day at the headquarters of the company that'd make you think they produced more games. Riot Game ~~s~~ "lolololol, hey guys, let's buff Darius, Garen, Mordekaiser, Malphite, Vayne and Katarina beyond brokeness!" "Are you sure that's a good idea?" "TOO LATE!" *patch update* "You.... You just released that without even thinking about it?" "Eh... lolnope. Guess not!" "The players are going to be infuriated!" "ayy lmao no problem, let's give 'em a new champion." "Uhm. Alright then, anyone got any ideas?" "TWO MADARFARKING CHAMPIONS! *throws in champion insight: Kindred.* That'll shut them up for a week." "I think this game is going the wrong way..." "dilligaf! Let's have another meeting about hats." "Did somebody say hats!?" "It's ok because we're masters of balance, literally every champion we edit or release is completely balanced. MASTERS OF BALANCE I SAY! *tips over*" Yes... good to know Riot is having meetings about hats while the already toxic community is getting destroyed by rogue Dariuses that start free roaming at level 6. "Michael Maurino: I remember meetings specifically about the hat. They’re still on my calendar somewhere." For real. Meetings about hats. ... If only they put that amount of time into thinking about what they're doing.
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