Season 8 Ranked Placements - I am beyond stressed.

I won the first game. The pressure is up and you know why. We all know that we will be placed much lower, and that ain't really the problem, getting back at your rank sin't something i am scared about.. What i am scared about is losing provisional games. Sure, not everyone is scared, but i am. Because your RANK depends on it. And, of course, your last season placement (and preseason). Provisional games are hell. That is the most stressful thing about this game. And i am not even kidding. Good luck. To everyone. **SECOND GAME** : I genuinely thought my second game would be at least a normal game. But that wasn't the case. I had a WW who (what are the odds?) disconnected a few minutes after minions spawned. My bot lane consisted of Twitch and Shen, both who are a premade. Their names had to do with cocaine and rap music. They firstly flamed in the worst and most disgusting way possible: ex.1 : "surr or i'll come to your house and sh*t in your mouth* ex.2 "you are a deg*nerate" etc.. They weren't flaming because of, let's say, some sort of inconvenience. They flamed because they didn't even want to play the game. They defended WW and then Twitch went and started intentionally feeding (once). Their scores were : 1:9 and 1:7.'Nough said about these guys. Unjustified loss. **THIRD GAME** : So, i was paired against a Riven player. They had Riven, Lee, Fizz, Braum and Vayne. Our team was squishy on the other hand. We did OKAY early game. I wasn't doing very good. Our Zoe was missing the skill shots. Then we got their two inhibitors down, but the enemy got fed (you can imagine..). So, the flaming starts. They are strong and we simply can't win a team fight. I notice that. My team doesn't listen to me (even though the call was right), so i get from behind and take their inhibitor and the nexus is open. Anyways, they pushed us, took Elder, Baron and were LITERALLY so fed. So i tell my team that we just need to aim for inhibitor and nexus. Just that. Zoe calls me a "r$tard" and then somehow they listened to me. We ran down the mid lane, killed inhibitor and headed for nexus. All 5 of us. While the three people were fighting them (sighs), i was ulted, knocked, damaged.. But i had ult as Kayle. Tristana and i kept attacking Nexus and we won! That was a close one!! **FOURTH GAME** : I completely lost my top lane with Syndra. My bad. I feel terrible. It's a loss. **FIFTH GAME** : Unfortunately, we lost. The other team was better. **SIXTH GAME** : Had a rengar stealing all the kills. Jinx which was 2:7 at one point. I did not do any better tho. Just want this hell to end to be honest. Hate provisional games. **SEVENTH GAME** Terrible. Already getting tired of this. It's a loss. **EIGHT GAME** A loss, once again. **NINTH GAME** : I won. **TENTH GAME** I won. Got placed in gold 2 from Diamond 5. I dropped in pre - season so yea. My placements went horribly bad - 4:6.
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